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Guide to Planning Your Wedding Transport

Modern transport options for weddings and civil ceremonies in the South East include everything from the traditional to the bizarre. With many couples now opting for a wedding theme, getting the transport right has never been more important. If you are planning your wedding transport, this guide will help.

Before making any decisions, consider who you need transport for? How are your parents, bridesmaids and best man getting to the ceremony? Just as importantly, how is everyone getting from the wedding to the reception?

A classic vintage bus is perfect for any type of wedding, but especially if you want transport that can perform more than one function on the day. It will have no trouble getting you to the church on time – or making sure everyone can get to the reception. This stylish, memorable and photographic wedding transport is just the ticket for a fabulous start to married life.

When to book your wedding transport

If you have set the date, booked the church and planned the reception, now is the time to book your wedding transport. If you are planning a spring wedding, or one that coincides with graduation and prom season, you need to get in quick. These are peak times for classic vehicles and demand is very high. You should plan to book wedding transport four to six months in advance – but even earlier if you want to tie the knot during the busy period.

Who to provide transport for

Make a list of close family and VIP guests (including yourself and your partner, of course). If you want to keep the wedding party together during the day, or even include transport for other guests, consider what type of transport options would best suit your needs. Do you really want to splash out on different types of transport for different guests?

This is where a vintage bus makes sense. Everyone has a hassle-fee day, while staying together. And, of course, they will be talking about how great your wedding was for weeks afterwards. Some couples choose to use a vintage bus for the bride’s arrival, then for everyone or the central wedding party afterwards.

Getting the timing right

Knowing what time to book your wedding transport for is important. While many brides like to arrive late, it is actually easier to arrive slightly early and then just wait. As well as running the risk of missing your wedding all together, booking transport too close to the time of the ceremony can make the day more stressful.

Avoid the hassle and book a time that takes into account potential traffic delays and other unforeseen circumstances. That way, you know you will get to the church on time. If you want to keep your partner waiting, you still can – just wait outside in your chosen vehicle or in another room.

We hope this guide helps you plan your wedding transport to meet you and your guests’ needs. If you would like more information about vintage bus options, contact us.

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