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Organising A Company Promotional Tour

Whether your South East business is expanding to new premises, launching an additional outlet, unveiling a new product or inviting the public to view your facilities, how you organise a promotional tour will reflect on your brand. That is why you should consider everything from who your event is for to transport. And, with employee engagement a top priority for many businesses, you may not want to overlook your workers.

A promotional tour of your business

Inviting the public, students or potential and existing clients to a promotional tour of your business premises has many benefits. For those struggling to recruit graduates, for example, a promotional tour can enthuse the best people to want to work for you – and give you the chance to snap up top talent before they are tempted to join another business.

Promotional tours are also great for your bottom line. Have you considered inviting suppliers, clients and those in your target market to see what your company has to offer? If you are building a new facility, or relocating, for example, a tour of new premises for employees will keep them engaged and supportive at a potentially challenging time.

Impress your guests with transport

Getting people from A to B need not be a hassle. If you provide group transport, everyone will arrive on time and get the event off to a stress-free start. Choose transport such as a vintage bus, for example, and you will impress from the very start of the tour. This is a great mode of transport for all destinations, including those that may take in more than one site or involve travelling between buildings.

How often have you arrived for an event, only to be told the organisers are still waiting for other people to arrive? This chaotic start can have a negative impact on a person’s overall impression of your business. What’s more, if you choose a vintage bus to transport the Press and other VIP guests to your event, you will impress before you have even met them.

How a vintage bus can help your business

Group transport is popular. As well as being cost effective, it creates a social start to any event. Choosing a vintage bus has even more benefits. As well as transporting people in one go, it creates a good impression and shows people that your business cares about them. In the case of attracting the Press and potential new clients, it gives them an added incentive to accept your event invitation.

Because business is all about making the right impression and being consistent with your branding, vintage bus transport ticks all the right boxes for a successful promotional tour. As well keeping your guests happy, it makes a statement about the care you have taken to ensure the promotion goes without a hitch. It’s a stylish way to get people to really notice what your business has to offer.

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