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Prom Night Transport Essentials for Parents

Organising prom night transport can be tricky, if you don’t plan well in advance. Finding a cool, funny or high-class option to ensure your son or daughter arrives in style can be time-consuming and very expensive. Like other areas of the UK, the South East has seen a massive boom in prom and graduation events. That means, if you want to book specific transport for a prom, you need to book it months in advance.

While many school and college leavers want to ‘do something completely different’, how they eventually arrive at a prom is often decided by how much parents like you can actually afford – or want to spend. With so much to think about, including what they are going to wear, transport can be an added burden – especially if you are already feeling the pinch. That is why group transport is becoming increasingly popular. It takes away the need to compete, and puts everyone on an equal footing. What’s more, with options such as vintage buses and the opportunity to get the party started before they even arrive, group transport can be both stylish and fun.

Classic prom night transport choice

If the kids are squabbling over who should get a seat in their stretch limo, or can’t decide between a horse and cart and a tractor, it’s time to change tact. Whether they want the entire bus to themselves, or share it with friends, a vintage bus makes perfect sense. As well as satisfying the ‘do something completely different’ element, a vintage bus has plenty of room to accommodate friends. Importantly, this is a prom transport option that allows parents to share the cost.

Prom night travel safety

Safety is another important consideration for prom night transport. Choosing a mode of transport that is both fun and safe should be your priority. Is the limo you have booked roadworthy or the converted fire engine licensed to be used for hire? The last thing prom-goers want on their big night out is for their transport to be pulled over by police or, worse, break down or be involved in an accident.

By choosing transport that has been purpose-built for passengers, you can be sure it ticks all the boxes for safety as well as comfort and style. Check the transport provider has the necessary licenses and insurance before letting your son and daughter take a seat.

How to source prom transport

If you are looking for prom transport, search for local options. Use the search bar in Google or Bing and type your location in first. This will narrow down the field and give you a good idea of what is available locally. As well as reducing costs, this is a more environmentally-friendly way to travel to a local venue.

Never be tempted to book transport that sounds dangerous or has to travel a long way to reach you. Timing is important for a prom, and transport that could be delayed in traffic could spoil the evening.

If you would like to know more about vintage bus options for prom and graduation events, get in touch.

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