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Something Different For Special Occasions

Whether you are planning a birthday surprise, engagement party, retirement celebration or wedding anniversary, you will win brownie points for organising something completely different. Memorable milestones are those that combine the traditional with a fun twist. While a family meal, night at the theatre or a traditional party are still popular in the South East, more and more people want to make special occasions a unique experience.

Cards and presents can be quickly forgotten. That is why people planning events are paying more attention to the finer details, such as transport. Imagine the birthday girl being picked up for a surprise party by a vintage bus? If you want to organise an event nobody will forget, check out our top tips for a truly memorable special occasion.

For the diva

If your special someone is a bit of a diva, and you are not sure what will please her, we’ve got some great ideas. If she loves a good night on the town, book a VIP spot at a nightclub in Brighton and get her there by vintage bus. Make sure all her friends come along for the ride, so she really will be the centre of attention. If dancing the night away isn’t likely to float her boat, how about a pamper day at a spa? With transport home in a vintage bus, she really will feel like a pampered puss.

For the happy couple

Bring out the romantic in you and propose on a vintage bus. If you are certain the love of your life is going to accept, you can take the plunge and invite along all your friends and family for the ride. The event can double up as the engagement party, with a stop off at a venue of your choice along the route for bottles of bubbly and a bite to eat. As well as being a memorable way to pop the question, you can get the engagement party out the way at the same time.

This idea is just as good for those celebrating a wedding anniversary. The only thing you won’t have to do is propose.

For those who are retiring

Retiring is one of the biggest milestones most of us will face. The last day of work can be an emotional event, especially for those who have worked at the same place for many years. While some can’t wait to clock out for good, others will be nervous of having so much time on their hands. What better way to show them a world of adventure awaits than collecting them from their last shift with a vintage bus. As well as being the envy of the colleagues they are leaving behind, they can celebrate the start of a new chapter in style.

Whatever the occasion, a vintage bus is the coolest, most unique way to show someone you care. Taking the trouble to think out of the box will be appreciated not just by those who have got something to celebrate but also those who are part of their lives.

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