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Sourcing A Vintage Bus For Period Film And TV Work

Period dramas, documentaries and other era-sensitive film content must come across as authentic to be effective. That is why a genuine vintage bus is often a key ingredient in a successful production. Television series such as Heartbeat, The Royal and Call The Midwife have all used vintage buses to great effect.

As well as keeping transport consistent with the period, it puts a really authentic stamp on a production. Finding a vintage bus suitable for your project should always start with a local search – to keep costs down. For example, if you are filming in the South East, our vintage bus would be an obvious choice. Do your homework before parting with any money, and ensure you hire a vintage bus from a trustworthy source.

Cut out the middleman

There are lots of agencies supplying the entertainment industry with vehicles. Film, TV and advertising producers use them to source vehicles of all types and sizes – from top-of-the-range sports cars and vintage buses to army tanks. However, using a middleman can increase production costs. By going direct, you can save money and also receive a more personal, tailored service.

When you are investing your time and creativity in a film project, you need to ensure that those supplying props or vehicles share your passion. You need to be confident that you won’t be let down at the last minute or suffer any on-set problems that cause delays. That is why dealing with a vintage bus owner direct can be of enormous benefit and aid the smooth-running of a production.

Added value for film producers

By hiring a vintage bus directly from the owner, you can benefit from free advice about the period. For example, you will be able to find out about drivers from the era – what they wore and what type of schedules they would have worked to. In addition, you will be told the history of the bus. This is important, particularly if you want to source a bus from a narrow time period.

Filmmakers go to great lengths to achieve authentic sets. By sourcing a vintage bus directly from the owner, they can be guaranteed that important features, such as windows, tyres, livery and upholstery, reflect the correct time period.

Film set safety and insurance

Vintage bus hire directly from the owner makes it easy for filmmakers to check documents are in order. Insurance, MOT and other important documentation can be supplied and checked quickly. What’s more, if the bus has to be moving in a shot, the bus owner can also supply a fully insured driver.

Many agencies supply vehicles for film projects that they don’t , as a business, own. Vehicles are often sourced from social media and other online platforms. In most instances, they won’t have personally inspected the vehicles. They may not even require documentation until after a booking has come in.

For a truly authentic vintage bus hire experience – and one that won’t let you down – contact us to find out more about our vintage bus hire service.

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